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Unified Inbox is a globally-focused, cloud-based software and services company. We have operations in Singapore, New Zealand, India, Europe, and the U.S., with business units selling solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), social media publishing, and unified communications analytics. We are creating cognitive solutions for automotive and other industries; social wearables for children, seniors, and animals; and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Messaging products for businesses and consumers.

Our patented backend infrastructure, UnificationEngine™ – the first true end-to-end, encrypted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform – is the Internet of Communications for IoT. UnificationEngine connects UCaaS with IoT – a multi-billion dollar market today which is predicted to grow exponentially through 2020.

UnificationEngine enables apps, devices, and appliances to simply communicate with people and things on the communications channels they already use. It solves IoT developers, makers, and manufacturers’ burning problem of easier, faster, and cheaper integration of all incoming and outgoing communications.

UnificationEngine also powers our own social media governance, compliance, and publishing tool Outbox Pro. Outbox Pro provides a complete, cloud-based communications solution allowing any group of people – conference speakers/delegates; employees/contractors, and more – to publish social media content with centralized approval, tracking, and control. Our unified connectivity analytics dashboard Media Flow also runs on UnificationEngine, and provides insights into communications patterns across multiple channels over time. 

Unified Inbox's global solutions empower people, businesses, and things to simply communicate.