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We make human to machine communications simple.

UIB is a global software and services company. We invented the UnificationEngine™ intelligent IoT messaging platform to solve the problem of how to talk to cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices. Available now, global enterprises use UnificationEngine to transform their businesses’ results and government authorities, including smart cities, use UnificationEngine to transform their citizens’ lives.

Adding our UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact to your smartphone’s address book, allows you to talk to any connected “thing” or service in any language using natural language text and voice messaging on over 20 of the world’s most popular communications channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, email, WeChat, and many more.

Our intelligent IoT messaging is helping home appliance manufacturers, hospitality companies, telecommunications providers, airlines, hospitals, and others to increase their revenues, decrease their costs, and delight their users. With UnificationEngine, people everywhere can control connected products and receive alerts and notifications on the social media, messaging, and chat platforms they already use without the need for additional apps or external devices!

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